Enzo was born in Naples in 1967 and has enjoyed many sporting activities since he was young, including football, tennis and athletics. After graduating from technical school, he graduated with honours from ISEF, the Higher Institute of Physical Education in Naples.

He arrived in R in August 1993 and in the same year, specialised as Physical Trainer for First-Level Tennis players at the National School of Tennis Masters in Rome. From this moment on, his training has been continuous and constant.

In 1994, he enrolled in the UNC, the National Union of Kinesiologists, and obtained the patent of Athletics for the youth sector. The following year he joined the GSS, that is the Study Group of Scholiosis and Vertebral Pathologies (Italian Group of International Research and Spinal Study Society, “S.I.R.E.R” according to its French acronym Societè International de Recherche et D’Etude Sur Le Rachies“S.I.R.E.R”), after a few years becoming a worthy member.

In 2004, he graduated in Motor Sciences at the Gabriele D’Annunzio University in Chieti-Pescara and in 2006, he passed the exams to obtain the certification of kinesiologist for suitable and compensatory postural gymnastics as well as sports kinesiologist.

In 2009, for the first time, he approached the delicate subject of proprioceptive control, participating in the “Delos Certified Programme”, the second-level training course at the International Society of Proprioception and Posture. Fascinated by the topics covered during this meeting, he decided to deepen his knowledge and obtained, after years of study, the qualification of Delos Expert Advanced.

The strong passion for culture related to physical exercise spurs Di Costanza on to study the functioning and potential of isoinertial instrumentation and robotics applied to physical exercise for the assessment, re-education and training of subjects in the most diverse forms.

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