At the CPP the physiotherapist guides the patient and  the athlete to the resolution of the dysfunction, thus allowing the daily and competitive activity to be resumed.  His approach involves  an assessment phase , a treatment phase  and a reassessment phase. He acts with the purpose of preventing the injury, improving the painful condition, solving a dysfunction as well as rehabilitating a movement.


At the CPP the physiotherapist assesses and evaluates the status of the patient using different investigation methods to get an accurate picture of the patient ensuring the most appropriate treatment:

  • Assessment of remote and recent clinical history
  • Assessment of functionality related to the patient’s pathological situation
  • Assessment of symptoms through subjective assessing and objective assessing
  • Assessment of motion and strength via 1080 Quantum
  • Postural assessment via Riva Method
  • Injury risk assessment via Riva Method
  • Fall risk assessment via Riva Method


At CPP the physiotherapist adapts the treatment to the patient and the pathology he/she suffers from.

The physiotherapist performs different kinds of treatment:

  • Joint mobilisation
  • Administration of personalized therapeutic exercise on the basis of the patient’s assessment
  • Massohterapy
  • Kinesiotape application
  • Strength training with isometric, isotonic, isokinetic and isoinertial exercises via 1080 Quantum and Desmotec D11 full and Desmotec  V12
  • Postural reprogramming through via Delos (Riva Method)
  • Proprioceptive training through via Delos (Riva Method)


At Cpp the physiotherapist also acts on the injury prevention phase laying solid foundations for minimising the risk factors allowing a better lifestyle and a safe and long-lasting competitive activity.

The activities performed in this phase are the following :

  • Harmonious muscle training on the basis of the patient’ s and athlete’s physical structure and needs in order to prevent any injuries
  • Functional stabilization
  • Protection from specific diseases quite common in sport such as Backache, Sprains, Injuries, Tendinitis, Bursitis, Plantar Fascitis

At CPP the physiotherapist uses the technologies available in the studio to provide patients with the most appropriate assessment and treatment on the basis of their needs and pathology. Target of the physiotherapist is to achieve the full functional recovery as well as the recovery of the athletic action and of the activities performed by the patient in his daily life, from the easiest task to the sport activity. Thanks to the technologies available in the CPP, the physiotherapist is able to give a feedback to the patient on his physical condition and the improvements achieved during the different sessions.