At this stage, the subject is assessed through an examination of all the elements necessary to make a judgement. These are the evaluations performed in CPP:

  • General Functional Evaluation
  • Functional Stabilisation Evaluation
  • Postural evaluation through Riva Method
  • Accident Risk Evaluation (Riva Method). In particular, ankle and knee distortions, low back pain and muscle lesions are evaluated.
  • Evaluation Performed with 1080 Motion (muscle imbalances generated by overuse in a specific sport)
  • Evaluation of organic muscle capacity: Squat jump; Counter movement jump; Counter movement jump free arms; Drop jump
  • Speed force curve carried out with 1080 Motion
  • Maximum isometric force curve carried out with Desmotec D11
  • Maximum concentric force Isotonic – Isokinetic – Isoinertial with both 1080 Motion and Desmotec D11
  • Maximum eccentric force with both 1080 n and Desmotec D11
  • General and specific resistance


This is the phase in which activities are carried out to reduce the effects of certain risk factors, thereby promoting increasingly effective performance and with fewer and fewer interruptions. Here are the activities that take place in E’s Conditioning Proprioception and Posture:

  • Propriective reprogramming via the Riva Method
  • Functional Stabilisation
  • Injury protection, in particular ankle sprains, knee sprains, lower back pain and muscle injuries (Riva Method);
  • The protection of overuse syndromes, in particular yarrow tendonitis and plantar fascias (Riva Method);
  • Prevention of muscle imbalances;
  • Internal load control to prevent overtraining (Riva Method).

In particular, CPP is equipped with technologies related to the study of movement, it is utterly uniquein Italy. (1080 Motion, Delos “DEB e DMW”, Desmotec D11 and D12, Redcord, Iron Neck).  These tools, combined with Enzo’s training and expertise, enable us to assess muscle imbalances accurately and unequivocally.


This is the last phase of the re-education process after an injury, in which, taking advantage of the sports training principles, you come to a full recovery of the conditional and sports-specific skills of the athlete, appropriate to the competitive level the athlete belongs to.

From the recovery of an injury to the resumption of specific sporting activity, all too often the path is long and winding. Enzo Di Costanza has many years of experience on tennis courts, athletics and golf, experiencing firsthand the difficulties encountered for recovery after an injury, despite having gone through good rehabilitation.

The global knowledge of sport and its physiology are the two foundations that constitute the most effective pair for Enzo Di Costanza and for the return to the sport without recurrences.


Training is a process organised according to performance, capable of producing functional and structural adaptations, necessary both for improving performance and for reducing interruptions caused by injury.

Functional adaptation (i.e. conditioning) to performance presupposes that the basic functions are efficient, however this is often not the case in an athlete’s assessment. In most cases, the malfunctioning of the basic functions is caused by the continuous administration of exercises particularly dedicated to sports technique and this compromises the possibility of intervening with adequate, specific and necessary training.

Within the CPP of Como, a specific conditioning process is never started unless an adequate general functional evaluation has been performed beforehand. Obviously, when you are faced with a functional problem, the training needs to have a double goal:

  • to fill basic functional gaps
  • to increase if possible specific conditional skills without causing injury.

Enzo Di Costanza sets up the training in such a way that the performance improves and at the same time has an effective preventive effect.

Training in assessment, prevention, strength training (in all its forms) and conditional skills in general has enabled to develop specific skills in sports training, especially in the world of tennis and golf.